crisis averted

Today i successfully avoided what could have been one my biggest regrets of the year and to that i need to thank my personal case of FOMO (fear of missing out). In Toronto currently or should i say the “6” something big is going down (The Blue Jays are in the playoffs) and it has consumed the ENITRE country, to put it lightly every single Canadian has jumped on the Blue Jay bandwagon. So naturally I have had a burning desire to attend a game in person at the Rogers Centre since they officially earned their playoff spot. I should note i have always been a casual fan so it’s not like i learned what an RBI was last week, i do have some baseball cred (key word some). So when my cousin called me up yesterday and asked if i wanted to attend game 5 a do or die game, of course i was super casual and was like yeah sure i think i can squeeze that into my schedule. Lets be serious i was more like HELLS YEAH MY PRAYES HAVE BEEN ANSWERED ( this was after her my dad and I watched game three together and they won) so obviously we are also their good luck charm and it was our civic duty to attend! If this had not been the case i would have been watching the game at home as per usual a whole lot envious of everyone in the crowd whipping their rally towels and chanting at the top of their lungs. All of which i knew would bring me so much joy. You will also soon come to learn i am easily excited, when most people are experiencing something on the excitement scale of six i’m guaranteed to be at a ten or above and tonight was no difference. This game has only left me jonesing for my next awesome experience and memorable moment.

Lets be serious though if the Jays make it to the World Series my FOMO will be at an all time record high so if anyone has connections to some tickets you know where to find me 😉




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