love at first sight

In my last post I mentioned how I was recently in Toronto and par took in in a lot of soup slurping. Well that’s not all I did … I also fell in love! I fell hard and fast and I haven’t been able to get this love of mine out of my head until recently. ┬áThat’s because my new lover is an article of clothing, a jacket to be exact. This beauty first caught my eye while browsing through J Crew, it literally took my breath away and I knew in that instant it had to be mine.

The price tag was a little steep so i played hard to get for a while and cyber stalked it online, until the moment was right and I knew what I had to do. I made the first move and clicked purchase! And it’s been happily ever after since Tuesday evening the night my jacket arrived.








*That’s how excited/ in love with this jacket I am*


Pho real

Pho is such a “pho”nonemal food dish I actually think I could eat it every day and not get sick of it. Which is why it won’t surprise you that poppa j and myself ventured into the big city just to get our hands on this delicious bowl of goodness. This soup is so scrumptious you crave it as soon as you’ve finished it. It doesn’t even give you time to miss it. Which is saying a lot because the bowl is literally the size of a small bath tub.


Is your mouth watering just starring at this photo? Mine is!


How about now?

It’s safe to say, as i’m writing this i’m fantasying about my next trip to the Noodle Bowl and spoonfuls of this heavenly dish

me and soup