cheers to pink tea

As an avid watcher of the show “You Gotta Eat Here” there have been many episodes where i’ve said to myself “I NEED TO GO THERE!”But one restaurant in particular always stood out to me, or should i say one item on their menu always stood out to me and yup you guessed it, it’s the PINK tea. Lets be serious it’s not everyday you can order a cup of pink tea off a menu. Thankfully my best friend Marie also shared the same enthusiasm as i did towards this beautiful cup of tea … (I guess thats why she is one of my best friends) so we finally decided to hunt down this restaurant and enjoy the elusive beverage. I wont kid you though we also ate heap loads of delicious food in the process. IMG_5903

There was a grand total of six people and i think we ordered enough food to feed a small village. The servers must have thought we were such amateurs. Thankfully the one couple lived in Toronto and they now have breakfast lunch and dinner figured out for the next week. I don’t think they’ll want to look at rice until 2017.


Then to cool off our palates we tried indian style ice cream served on a stick which came in pistachio and almond flavour. Let me just tell you how necessary that was,  by the end of my meal i felt like i could breathe fire!



no thanks to this lady and her crazy skewer of hotter then hell peppers!

IMG_5880All in all it was a success, i crossed off another “You Gotta Eat Here” restaurant and  sipped on delicious pink tea with some of my favourite people!

IMG_5888Cheers to PINK TEA



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