ping pong

So i like to consider myself as pretty athletically inclined. I was a competitive gymnast and diver and was on my high schools ski team, i’ve dabbled in soccer and am an avid golfer.Not to mention a pretty kick ass air hockey component. So when my friends and I decided to test out a new ping pong bar in the city, i underestimated how hard it was really going to be. Let’s just say you wont  be seeing me at the summer olympics anytime soon.

When ping pong bars starting opening up in Toronto, I was so excited and eager to visit. Sadly I never seemed to get around to doing it but when Serve opened up in Hamilton a couple of months ago I knew it was finally my time to shine. I imagined by friends and i playing hardcore ping pong like Forest Gump … sadly that was not the case. Instead balls were flying everywhere! To our defence we had sipped on a couple adult beverages which i’m sure didn’t help our hand eye coordination haha.





*Best friend twinning


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